Where Are The Pools of Potential Church Workers?

Lutheran schools are a HUGE resource and contribute mightily to equipping students to be disciples of Jesus Christ, and some of these disciples, you would think, translate into full time church workers.

Let’s say we had 50 or 100 schools, that would be one thing, but The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod has more than 2,300 early childhood centers and preschools and Christian day schools with more than 129,000 children.  Additionally, the LCMS operates 945 elementary schools with 107,000 students.

Already we have accounted for a valuable pool for seeking potential church workers that is more than 235,000 students.  Could one half of one percent consider church work vocations?  That would be almost 1,200!

But there’s more.  There are more than 130 domestic and international Lutheran high schools.  These are seedbeds for preparation of active, energetic church workers.

There is a disconnect for many of these schools, their teachers and administrators, between educating the students to be good and knowledgeable citizens here on earth and educating them to be thinking of their life vocation in light of the Gospel, which could include among other professions, careers, and work the fruitful labor of being a Lutheran teacher, pastor, deaconess, musician, family life director, and evangelist in the church.

The real value of sending our children to a Lutheran school is the commitment of our schoolsChildren Playing to the Gospel.  They are focused on a mission of bringing hope and healing to the students and their families.  Our schools have educators who are visionary leaders, and they could guide students to become servants and grasp a desire for ministry, loving God and serving others with care, also in church careers.

Where are the pools of potential church workers?  Consider and read about the acolyte pool and confirmation class and mother-daughter events and father-son activities.

And now we have the early childhood centers, preschools, kindergartens, Christian Day Schools, and Lutheran High Schools as ONE BIG POOL for identifying and encouraging the next generation of church workers.

Praying“Pray to the Lord of the harvest to send forth laborers into his harvest.”  Yes, that is also our urgent prayer, even as Jesus commanded it, and He has laid before us POOLS OF POTENTIAL WORKERS in The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod.

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