Military Survival Skills

When you’re headed outdoors, you will want to have all of the right gear in place. This is the foundation you’re able to set from the word go and ignoring it is a real mistake. Most people take the time to plan out what they’re taking as should you.

Many items should be included in your backpack and here are the four pieces of military gear that are a must in this day and age.

If you are headed outdoors without them by your side, you are missing out and risking your wellbeing.

Long-Range Satellite Phone

You always want navigational control when you are outdoors because it’s not as easy to remain under control. Too many people ignore this when they’re looking for an appropriate solution. You want to have a satellite phone on hand so that you can maintain contact.

There are many options, but it should have good range and quality when it comes to communicating.

You want a satellite phone that is built well and is going to have the features you require when outdoors. It should not feel like you are lugging something that is cumbersome and needless. It starts with a satellite phone that is built to last.

Military-Grade Backpack

The gear that you are getting involves the backpack and making sure it is easy to carry. You want something that is designed to handle the outdoor weather and will be as robust as you want it to be. You never want something that will fall apart or is going to get damaged by rain.

It should last and protect the assets you have inside.

Look to go with something that has a lot of space to offer and is not going to be heavy to carry. It should add value to your experience without becoming something that will hurt you or cause nagging aches for the duration of your time outdoors.

Ultralight Waterproof Shelter

Where are you going to be resting when you are ready to take a break or sleep? You will have to find a shelter and building your own is not always an option. If that is the case, you will have to think about a good waterproof shelter to help you out.

It should be able to handle a barrage outdoors and still look great. The best military-grade options are going to provide this and more as they are made to handle all conditions.

You want to get one of these as soon as you can.

External Power Source

If you are going to be holding a lot of gadgets, you will want something to recharge them as well. This is critical when you are looking at all of the options to take along. A robust, mini charger is going to add a lot of value to your life.

It is going to make things easier for you on the trip outdoors.

An external power source is all about knowing you have something for your gadgets at all times when an outlet is not around.

These are all of the essential pieces you have to bring with you when you are packing. You never want to be left stranded without them as you might be in a rough situation if that’s the case. Most people recommend these four items above anything else.

As long as you have these in hand, you will have the foundation for what’s required. Of course, you want to add food and other essentials head here for flashlights along with the gear to enhance your experience, but this is the right starting point for you and anyone else that is going outdoors.