I Am So Bored

I am so bored! How many times have I heard those words as a parent? Especially during the long summer vacation. A friend told me recently that when you are bored it’s a gift, and it’s increasingly a rare gift. Many people today are over-scheduled, overstimulated, overworked, and over and over—name your own over… Always plugged in electronically, doing more work here and more work there, rushing to another meeting or event, or off to take the children somewhere. Don’t you need some down time? SO, when you say, “I’m bored,” celebrate! You finally have some space in your life. This is space in which you can grow—think of God, think of your neighbor, reflect on yourself and the wonderful place that God put you in this crazy, messy world. There is your vocation!

When you’re bored, you have a ready canvas in front of you, a place for you to create and define and express feeling, think of fun and interesting things, and emerge more alive and well.
When a friend says, “I’m bored,”  I now say, “Great! What do you want to do with that?”
There is some real value here for church workers, knowing when and how to use their “space” and “place” effectively and creatively and come out of it with renewed vigor and strength and energy to be well and serve well.

Thanks, friend, for sharing these words of wisdom. I am praying for more bored moments. 🙂