SEO Tips for Your Fitness Business

You are a great trainer, equipped with an outstanding fitness studio and a remarkable website. However, you are not able to generate a good number of clients. It is high time to reconsider your internet fitness marketing strategy.

Search engines have become an important part of our lives. You need to have increased visibility to ensure your target audience can choose you. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a marketing technique that can help improve visibility of your website in search results. Here are some SEO tips to improve your fitness business, and you must be doing SEO, SEO for fitness is a must for every business owner!

On Page Optimization Tips

It relates to the improvements that you have to make on your site, so that google can understand your content and its intended keywords. You can achieve it by taking care of the following issues:

All content that is created for your website must be 100% original. 

Use keyword or keyword phrase in title.

Keep titles within 40 to 65 characters.

Keep the title relevant to your content.

Add proper headings and tags to highlight specific keywords in order to add focus for the search engines.

Keep your Meta description short, around 150 characters for best result.

The content’s URL should match the meaning of the contents on the page.

Use images with proper tags.

You can find more on page tips at this really helpful fitness marketing blog

Off-Page Optimization Tips

Internet provides more platforms other than search engines to browse information, so make sure to market your fitness business in all available options. When google comes across the mention of your fitness business anywhere across the internet, it will increase its trust on your website and would also increase the rank awarded to your site, thus making your website available in first page of a goggle search. You can count on social media and back linking to achieve the ends.

Social Media

You might have known the popularity of social media like Snapchat, Facebook, and Twitter among youngsters. They help a great deal by sharing your fitness ideas and workout videos. The increased number of message shared increases the credibility of your website. 


It is way to increase references to your website in order to improve the popularity of your site in the eyes of goggle. It is achieved by two links with unique SEO purposes.

Internal Link 

You can make your site more readable by making links internally around your website. When people browse through the different pages in your website, the credibility of your website automatically increases

External Link

The outbound links that you make on your website increases the chance of getting a link back into your website. This increases the number of times that your website is accessed.

You can improve your internet fitness marketing based on the SEO tips, When You have done with it, you are all set, get ready to offer service to an endless queue of fitness aspirants.

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Benefits of Using Spray Foam Insulation


Top Benefits to Using Spray Foam to Insulate Your Winnipeg Home


Spray foam insulation is manufactured using two different types of composite materials. The two different types are isocyanate and polyurethane. When you combine these two materials together they react with each other by expanding and then hardening. The installation process consists of simultaneously spraying these two materials with a spray foam gun. This will allow the spray foam insulation to provide a protective layer over any desired area.

Some of the benefits of using this type of insulation are that it is a powerful insulator, provides an airtight seal, provides incredible energy savings, is a great moisture barrier, deters mold, is environmentally friendly, and has a very long lifespan. These seven benefits provide the major reason why many homeowners choose this type of insulation over others.

For example, due to the fact that this insulation expands and hardens it provides a tight seal everywhere including small crannies and nooks. Other types of insulation, on the other hand, would leave these small areas exposed. Spray foam insulation has a 6 rating which is the highest rating for providing an airtight seal. Air leaks are typically the number one reason for a high energy bill. A spray foam insulated home is able to provide a powerful airtight seal that has proven to be more than 24 times better than other types of insulation in regards to permeable air infiltration.

Many individual homeowners and business owners have realized huge savings when it comes to their energy bills. Spray foam insulation can provide up to 50% energy savings in comparison to other types of insulation. It also will be beneficial for deterring mold because it is water resistant. There is no food source for bacteria or mold growth.

Spray foam insulation also provides an excellent moisture barrier. It will not allow air or moisture to enter into your crawl space or attic through cracks or holes. Other types of insulation cannot compare when considering spray foam insulation as a moisture barrier. It is impermeable to water and therefore if your home is ever subjected to a major water leakage or flood then you will not need to be concerned about the spray foam insulation absorbing the water.

Spray foam insulation also has a very long lifespan. In fact, it is almost indefinite. This fact alone will save the businessman or the homeowner a tremendous amount of money because they will not need to re-insulate down the road. Finally, spray foam insulation is environmentally friendly. It helps to reduce energy consumption, protects against mold growth and moisture, and is designed to last for a very long time which means that fewer materials will need to be produced.

Need spray foam in Winnipeg?

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Setting Priorities

Two of my recent posts titled “The 80 Percent Rule” and “How Many Hats?” caused some respondents to bring up the subject of setting priorities in ministry. I’d like to share a tool that proved useful to me during my years in full-time parish ministry.


It’s called the Nominal Group Technique (NGT). If you Google “Nominal Group Technique” you will find a wealth of information about this approach to group decision-making. I first heard about it from Chuck Dull when he helped the Southeastern District plan its 40th anniversary convocation in 1979. I was asked to lead the task force that implemented NGT at the convocation with about 600 participants (about 60 groups of ten people in each group, as I recall, with a trained leader for each group). We used the questionnaire-by-mail companion to NGT known as the Delphi Process to reach another group of people whose input we desired but who were unable to attend the convocation. The convocation produced several priorities for ministry and mission that helped to set a course for the District (led by its president, Richard Hinz) for the next five to ten years.


Since then I have used NGT in various other settings, including the Board of Elders at Holy Cross in Fort Wayne when I came there in 1993. The use of NGT gave the Board an opportunity to clarify its expectations of me in my service as senior pastor. We started out with 30 items (all valid and good aspects of pastoral work) and ended up with nine top-priority items. The Board said, in effect, “We expect you to focus your energy, attention, and influence primarily on these nine items. We pledge ourselves to work with you.” That action proved to be a watershed moment influencing and shaping our work together for years to come.


NGT and Delphi are well and clearly explained in the 1975 book by A. L. Delbecq and A. H. VandeVen titled Group Techniques for Program Planning. When you do the Google search you will find a number of helpful and useful summaries of NGT.  I do suggest the book for the most comprehensive description of NGT and Delphi. (Most likely you will not have a need for Delphi, but it might come in handy in some situations.)


God bless you in your faithful service in His name, by His power, to His glory!