Welcome to What a Way!

What A Way Logo

… to make a difference!
… to serve the Lord!
… to serve others!
… to use your gifts!
… to go to work!
… to live your life!


These phrases really sum up the spirit and purpose of What a Way. But read on to learn what we mean.

The mission of the LCMS is “to vigorously make known the love of Christ by Word and deed within our churches, communities and the world.”

The What a Way initiative in our church is one way we are trying to get at this mission.

What a Way has a dual-focus

To rebuild active recruitment and retention of church workers as an integrated part of the LCMS culture and lifestyle at the local congregation level.

How does What a Way assist the local congregation?

…by developing resources designed to facilitate deliberate activity, dialogue and support of church workers. Continue to explore this website and see our Resources for tools you can use.

Our Approach

Celebrate the Joy!
Our approach proceeds from a sense of the positive and joyful possibilities of a vocation of the church, as contrasted with anxiety concerning church worker loss.

All about relationships!
Both recruitment and retention are essentially relationship-based. Thus, our efforts, from wherever they originate, must target the recruitment and retention lifestyle of parents, congregations, and the church’s workers.

It’s Both / And
There is a fundamental unity necessary between recruitment and retention. Experience and research shows us that we cannot legitimately address one of these issues without addressing the other. In keeping this holistic emphasis we believe that we have a stronger and more comprehensive initiative and that we are true to the reality of life’s experience.

Recruitment is church-wide but personal. Our audience is broad and diverse: congregations, parents, church workers, and persons who could aspire to a vocation in the church. Resources are developed nationally but, to be effective, must be utilized locally in the context of relationships of encouragement and support. Nothing can replace personal dialogue with a mentor. What a Way seeks only to support those conversations from kindergarten through “second career.”

Retention is all about local care and support. Workers in the church interact with the thousands of congregations, schools, and agencies where they live out their vocation. The church-wide function of supporting them is not a unified “campaign,” but rather one of facilitation and advocacy that helps congregations intentionally focus on church worker support. What a Way also provides resources for workers to maintain professional health and wellness.